Import Meter Readings

You can import meter readings as a CSV or Excel file.


  • Go to your meters.
  • Click the three dots , next click Import...
  • Drag your file in the box, or click Select a file on your computer.
  • Your file is now validated. If errors are detected, they will appear on your screen.
  • Select which meters you want to import readings for.
  • Choose if you want to update or ignore already existing readings.
  • Click Import.


Attention! Your file has to comply to following specifications:

  • The first line contains column names, starting with Timestamp and followed by the names of the meters.
  • These names have to match the names in your meter overview
  • The next lines contain the meter readings. Put the date in the first column. You can also include a time. For example 15/03/2016 or 15/03/2016 13:45
  • If you are using a CSV-file, the CSV-separator has to be a semicolon (;)



6/12/2016 20:02;76087;26407;1752
15/01/2017 22:39;76597;26553;1764
25/02/2017 14:00;77114;26710;1778