Enter Meter Readings

Monthly entry

You can enter your meter readings via the Meters tab. We recommend that you do this at the start of each month. Our forecast models use monthly data, which means that a meter reading at the begin of the month yields the most accuracy.

It is however perfectly possible to enter your meter readings more frequently, if you want to monitor your consumption even more closely.

Enter a new meter reading

  • Go to the tab meters
  • If needed, you can change the date or time of the meter reading
  • Enter the new meter readings next to your meters. If you don't have a meter reading for a certain meter, you can leave the field empty.
  • Click Save. That's it!

Tip: Leaving for holidays, or just taking a break? Enter your meter readings before leaving and right when you get back. This way you'll immediately know your hidden consumption.


Entering historical meter readings

You can complete your record with historical meter readings. If you keep record of your historical meter readings on the computer, you can also import them automatically.

  • Go to the tab meters
  • Change the date of the meter reading at the top of the form.
  • Enter the historical meter readings next to the meter names. If you don't have the right meter readings for all meters, you can leave the field empty.
  • Click Save.

Tip: Try to find some old energy or water invoices. These yearly invoices often contain historical meter readings. Enter these in EnergyID, and your reports will instantly be more interesting.