What are integrations?

Integrations allow us to automatically import data from data loggers and smart meters. These measurements are processed to a single value per day.

Discover all integrations on energyid.eu/integrations

How do integrations work?

1. Connect to an external data source

EnergyID has to establish a connection with the server that contains the data of your data logger. Usually you'll need a username and/or password to access the data. In case of an FTP-connection you will also need a server address.

For it's integrations, EnergyID works closely together with the manufacturers of different data loggers and smart meters, but it is also possible to integrate your own data logger by yourself. Configure your data logger to upload a file according to our specifications to an external FTP-server, and activate our FTP-integration.

2. Choose your record

Choose the record where the measurements should go, or create a new record.

3. Create new meters

The system automatically discovers what kinds of data are available and shows you a list of meters that you can create. You don't need to fill in all meter properties, since most of them are alrady automatically detected.

4. Done!

Each night we collect new data. These measurements are processed into a single meter reading per meter per day.


Still need to edit some properties? You can find the newly created meters in the meters tab. Just click the meter you want to edit and select edit properties.

Is your smart meter not included in the list? Mail us at info@energieid.be and we will add it to our to-do list!