Getting started with EnergyID

Are you wondering if energy management is something for you? And if so, how to get started? Discover some of the basic functions of EnergyID and try it out for free.


What is EnergyID?

EnergyID is a social platform built around energy monitoring, aimed at individuals and organisations who want to keep track of their energy and water consumption and manage it without too much hassle.


Why is it useful?

  • We try to represent everything as simple as possible. Energy monitoring is a complex thing, but we want the end user (that's you!) to be at the centre of it all.
  • With only a few meter readings we can already start to visualise your energy consumption.
  • You get quick insights into your consumption and are able to compare yourself with similar profiles.
  • Groups give you access to the services of our partners. All services aim to increase your energy efficiency and reduce your CO2 impact.


1. CREATE A RECORD: Track your consumption

As soon as you complete the registration, you are asked to create a record. In a record you can enter meter readings or consumption numbers of all meters in your home or building. Next, your consumption profile is calculated and you gain insight into your consumption via our graphs.


2. DISCOVER GROUPS: Find the service provider that can help you

Groups are a way for local initiatives and organisations to follow the performance of multiple records. This enables them to provide the owners of those records with specific advice, or to set up actions that can benefit the whole group, like a group purchase. Check out the group overview and find groups in your neighbourhood.